Child Development

Our program for child development & transformation is called NIRMAAN which means, “TO BUILD”. This is a program that encompasses:


  1. Sponsorship:

    We do all we can to assist and encourage the children in our centers to pursue their education knowing that this is the key to fulfilling their dreams & changing their futures.

  2. Computer Education:

    One of the key components of our work among children is to be able to provide them quality and affordable computer education. Our centers are a place where the neediest children can actively advance their computer skills through practical learning methods.

  3. English Learning:

    Providing children with basic spoken English skills has been one of our top priorities. This is a tool that greatly enhances the child’s ability and provides a competitive edge in life.

  4. Character Building:

    We constantly endeavor to work towards the all-round development of our children. We desire that each of our children become responsible & good citizens of our great nation.

  5. Partnership Building:

    Our children live with their families as they go through our program. We desire that the home, school & community work together in this pursuit of excellence.

  6. Child Protection:

    We are committed to promoting the rights of every child in our program including their right to be protected from harmful influences, abuse & exploitation. We take active measures to ensure that every child’s right to protection is fully realized. We have set high standards for all our staff & volunteers keeping the best interest of our children in view.