Health & Wellness Stories

 I can work again- Swapan Das
Agriculture in the Sunderbans is extremely difficult as farmers are only able to harvest one crop each year. This is because of the water situation & the repeated cyclones that have devastated this region.
When Swapan first came to our centre a few years ago, he was very weak & depressed as he was not able to farm his land because of ill health. This was a terrible blow to his family as he is the breadwinner at home.
When he came to the clinic he was diagnosed to have high blood sugar.
After consistent treatment & complete lifestyle changes, Swapan is now able to use his tractor & be actively involved in farming his land as well as helping other farmers in his hometown.
“The medical centre has restored & saved my life”, he declares


Mr. Swapan Das- Monthly Checkup


Patients meeting Dr. Hossain at the clinic

Mrs. Pramila at the clinic

I can finally sleep well at night- Mrs. Pramila
Mrs. Pramila met with an accident a few years ago. She was badly injured & has suffered with terrible pain ever since. She began coming to our center around 4 years ago.
With regular & focused treatment, she is beginning to feel much better. She is grateful that she can finally sleep through the night without pain.