Health & Wellness

  1. The Sulkuni Story:

    This is the most focused and systematic health initiative that we have been involved with for the past several years. Our engagement with this area began in the wake of cyclone Aila when we provided food & roofing supplies to several families that had been devastated. As our relationship grew with the people of this region, we were made aware of the fact that many in this area did not have access to basic quality medical care. At the invitation of the local panchayat authorities, we began a small health clinic. The center has grown much & has touched the lives of several individuals and families. We would like to list a few of our activities and accomplishments over the years:


  • Over 3000 registered patients
  • Weekly medical camps
  • Basic pathological support provided each week
  • Basic physiotherapy provided to needy patients on a weekly basis
  • Periodic eye camps
  • Periodic skin camps


One key component of this service is that much of the work is carried out by a dedicated group of volunteers.


  1. Camps in all our centers:

    We conduct periodic health camps at each one of our centers. These health camps primarily ensure the wellness of our sponsored children, their families and their communities.


  1. Sponsoring cataract surgeries:

    We have had the great joy of sponsoring several cataract surgeries for extremely needy individuals. This small but special gift has changed the lives of many radically.


  1. Deep Tube Wells:

    We have been able to install deep tube wells in each one of our centers. These wells are a source of clean water to the center as well as the communities in the area.