Justice & Restoration Stories

A few weeks ago, the Liluah Home was a buzz because a group had come to conduct an on-campus interview with the hope that some of these women can be placed in jobs outside the home. They interviewed & met numerous girls but found only one that could be provided a job right away. We were thrilled to know that the girl that was chosen was from the School of Excellence. She is currently working at a textile outlet.


Dipika can read & write

The  picture in the insert is that of Dipika (name changed) working on her workbook activities for the day. She has been coming to the school for the last 3 months. She was a very shy and disturbed girl and would hardly talk to anyone at the home. Since she started coming to the school, she has learnt many things and can now write full sentences in Bengali.

Nilav Kolay (Director of the school of Excellence) says, “I spoke to her and she seemed so confident in answering my questions. Rina (our head teacher) says that she would not utter a word three months back.

Nidhi practicing her beautician skills


My School- My Family!!!

Nidhi (name changed) has been coming to the School of Excellence from the year 2015. She is 18 years old. She has faced many challenges in her life & has often felt that everyone has abandoned her. She has not had any contact with her family & was very depressed when she first came to our school.

When we spoke to Nidhi recently she told us that she loves school because she has been able to learn much. She enjoys the Arts & Crafts sessions & Vocational Training program. As we listened to her, our hearts rejoiced in all that God was able to do in her life. As we continued to listen, Nidhi exclaimed, “The best thing at school is- I love my didi’s (teachers). This has become my family”

We have seen a complete transformation in Nidhi’s life. She dreams of the day when she can set up a beautician unit of her own.