Sustainability Ventures

  1. Women’s Self Help Groups:

    Our microcredit ventures are primarily carried out through women’s self-help groups in our centers. The key features of this program are:


  • Providing job oriented skill training
  • Training the women in basic business & financial management skills
  • Building a system of accountability within the group
  • Ensuring that job opportunities are available at the end of the course
  • Helping set up local bank accounts and systems of financial management
  • Making women aware of their rights and privileges


  1. Small Business Ventures:

    We have been able to provide small loans to individuals in some of our centers in order that they can establish small businesses that help them move towards financial independence.


  1. Skills Training:

    We have periodically been able to provide specialized skill training to individuals in our centers that have helped them develop their creative abilities and open new avenues for jobs and income generation.